Hello!!! My name is D’Andre Carr. I hail from Jamaica, Queens by way of the beautiful island of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. My childhood was normal, well at least in a Caribbean context. I’m a product of a single-parent household. As you read, I’m sure you’ll start to realize, I’m not uniquely different from any of you applying. I went to a slightly above average NYC public high school. It was parallel to a private secondary school experience. We were required to wear uniform, the average class size was 60, and it was predominantly white. Actually, my school was relatively new, so in conjunction with the prevalence of white students, I became the first black male to graduate from NEST+m. I worked hard, but I still characterize my collegiate application process as “manipulating the University of Pennsylvania into granting me admission.” I was in Wharton and it was incredibly difficult. I also lacked the proper tools to succeed however, when I unlocked them, I found some success. It still is to date the most transformative experience of my life. The depth and breadth in talent was astonishing. Not only academically, well the academic superiority was standard. Penn had phenomenal vocalists, powerhouse poets, dynamic dancers, and amazing artists. I thank God for that experience everyday. I then tricked Cornell into granting me admission to their MPA program. That experience really revolutionized me and how I perceived my own talents. It also redefined how I perceive success. Now, I see it as not only how you are advancing yourself, but what are you doing to advance those coming after you. I did some regulatory ish at American Express and now am a MBA at Yale. (Not to devalue American Express–phenomenal organization, but y’all don’t want to hear about AML Strategy and Financial Intelligence). I’m happily enjoying SOM. (Reasons will unveil indirectly as we read). But I, just like many of you or at least one of you enjoy life’s simple gems:  VH1 Monday nights, 90s R&B and assessing vocal talent, breathing new life into choreography, a good Midtown NYC brunch, preparing for Carnival, and watching primetime TV’s portrayal of successful black women and their questionable judgment regarding relationships.

5 thoughts on “Dre

  1. Hey D’Andre. Thank you for writing your blog. I stumbled into on a friend’s FB. I appreciate you dropping knowledge.


    1. Thank you so much. I appreciate the support. Feel free to comment or push me a little bit more on what I’m putting into the ether.


  2. D’Andre – just started reading your blog. Love to the candid take on the MBA app process. I’m planning on Fall 17 enrollment. Any plans on including some information on MLT? Not what’s on the website, but what you’ve uncovered through your application process. Keep up the great work.


    1. Firstly, thank you for supporting the blog. I appreciate it. Secondly, I apologize for you being forced to convey suggestions via commenting on the Bio. I’m working on Suggestions/Comment page. I’m not tech savvy, so bare with me. Thirdly, you’re very clairvoyant because that is the post I’ll be publishing this Sunday. And lastly, if you like what you read, please share on your social media!
      Peace and Chicken Grease!


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